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Uptown Pediatrics Policy

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Can I walk-in for my child to be seen?

We accept scheduled appointments only.  Our office assigns appointments so that during your visit, you will have the full attention of the physician/provider and they can perform a thorough examination of your child.   We please ask that you call ahead even if there is a need for an immediate appointment.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Well visit appointments are scheduled in advance. The wait time for a well visit appointment with Dr. Iris Basilio is approximately 2- 4 weeks. Sick visit appointments are available daily, but may be limited when only one provider is present. We make every effort to see “same-day, sick appointments”. Patients who do not show up for their scheduled appointments take up slots that may have been used by other patients. Tardiness also affects the schedule for the rest of the day and is unfair to the patients who do show up on time. Our goal is to provide quality care to our patients in a caring, professional, and efficient manner. This requires that all parties involved communicate and act responsibly.

What do I need to do before my baby’s delivery to establish care at Uptown Pediatrics?

If you are not a current patient of the practice, please call and schedule a prenatal visit with Dr. Iris Basilio prior to your delivery date. Affiliate hospitals include Columbus Regional Medical Center and Doctors Hospital. Once notified of your delivery, Dr. Iris Basilio or a covering physician will come to the hospital within 24 hours.

Who do I call if my child is sick after office hours?

Our office hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Friday.  Please note on Monday through Thursday, you may reach the office by phone until 6:00pm.  After office hours, please call our main office number (706) 507-5437 and our answering service will transfer you to the physician on-call.  Dr. Iris Basilio or a covering physician will contact you to answer any questions.  Please provide a number that will accept blocked calls so that the physician may reach you.  On occasion your phone call may be forwarded to the phone triage nurse at the Pediatric After Hours for advice. Dr. Iris Basilio is also a provider at Pediatric After Hours located on the Medical Center campus at certain times during each month.

How do I refill my child’s prescription medication? 

Please call our office and leave a message on the nurse triage line.  Your prescription will be handled within 48 hours.  We require that your child have received care within six months to a year for refills for chronic medications.  Some ADD/ADHD medications require a nurse visit when picking up refills.  Our office does NOT call in antibiotic prescriptions without your child being seen. 

Can my child be seen without me being present?

Children may be seen for a SICK visit without a parent/guardian being present but must be accompanied by another adult with written permission from parent/guardian. They will be asked to provide a form of identification for verification.  We require a parent/legal guardian to be present for WELL visits.  If a parent/legal guardian is not present for the WELL visit, you will be asked to reschedule.  Only certain exceptions apply and must be approved prior to your scheduled appointment.

How long are the wait times in the office? 

We realize that your time is valuable and strive to have your child’s doctor’s visit completed within an hour of your scheduled appointment time. Please be aware that well visit appointments and some complicated sick visits may require other procedures and/or treatments that may prolong your visit time. 

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